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We've spent over half a million dollars building an application that compares dealers' data and financials. Linus is the most comprehensive KPl and benchmarking tool for independent dealers in the Country. It's used every day in our 20 groups nationwide. Want to see how you are doing against other dealers in: sales gross profit, F&l gross profit, gross profit per employee, lead conversion rates, aging inventory, expenses and more? Simply click below! You've never seen data like this before!
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Peer Collaboration at its Best

What can you expect?

At SmartGroups, our mission is to save our members money in expenses while increasing volume and gross profit in each production department. In a 20 Group, you will have 19 other dealers who serve as your “Board of Directors". That is 19 other owners and key managers who openly share and discuss their financials, best practices, industry trends, pay plans, and processes as well as struggles and victories. We compare financials using proprietary, 20 group software called LinUs®, cutting edge technology fully integrated with most DMS and CRM systems.
Introduction to SmartGroups™

Working with the Experts


At SmartGroups, we only hire the very best of the best. In fact, we have a national reputation for an absolute rockstar team. Our Executive Moderators and Consultants all have over 20 years of experience in the car business and are considered experts in their field. While we are not training in a SmartGroup, it’s great to have a moderator or consultant in the meeting that understands the lay of the land.

We are proud our team is comprised of hard working individuals with the highest character and ethics. We plan the dealer experience at our 20 groups events as our highest priority. We invite you to click below to meet some of our moderator and consultant team.

Established in 2022

Meetings nationwide

SmartGroups is headquartered in Clinton, Missouri, a rural town outside Kansas City, Missouri, currently serving automotive dealers in just about very State in the US. Our mission is to increase your profitability, with no risk.

We invite dealers to come to one of our meetings, at no cost and no commitment. Come test-drive a group and see if it is the right fit for you and your operation. Each group meets three times per year, at full service hotels around the Country.

Speak with a moderator today, and we will handpick a group that is best for you. We look at your geo-graphic area to minimize competition in the group, your size in both unit sales and profitability as well as your preference of meeting type.

From mega-dealers to dealers just getting started, retail or buy here pay here, SmartGroups has the group for you!

20 Groups Reimagined ⏐ SmartGroups™

Our Services

20 Group Meetings

Our 20 Group meetings are second to none. We pay attention to the details to ensure you are in an environment that is engaging, interactive, personal and packs in a ton of value!

LinUs® Financial Report

Our proprietary software, LinUs® fully integrates with most DMS systems to provide the most accurate financial reporting comparison available today.

Consulting Solutions

Sometimes you need some additional help outside of a 20 group meeting. SmartGroups offers consulting services with experts in just about every department of you dealership.

Leveraging Group Buying Power

Based on buying power, SmartGroups is able to to leverage the volume of business to get discounts on most services you use daily at your operation.

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